Solutions & Services


SusTeco offers a wide range of solutions from wastewater treatment to project development and management. To showcase the major solutions that we provide, below is a brief list of our contributions to this market

Reliable and cost-efficient treatment methods for brackish up to hyper saline OPW

State of the art OPW treatment plant designs and models

Environmental engineering solutions and sustainability advisory

Tailor made concepts and methods for implementing environment friendly projects

Domestic and industrial sewage and sludge treatment

Design and engineering of industrial waste management plants

Solutions & Services


Our services are majorly the following for the Middle East market:

Document study and data analysis

detailed study of process properties, parameters, environmental details, analysis and reverification techniques, etc.

Concept study and innovative designs for technological collaborations for sustainability

Project management

management services from concept phase to start-up of the plant

Site management and support

visits, surveys, reports and coordination

Procurement and product related support

material specifications, predefined vendors and suppliers, etc

Ongoing project support services

such as redefining procedures to meet the milestones, optimizing and streamlining information handling techniques, developing design documents, and drawings, descriptions, etc.

Construction scope definitions and equipment management

(basic equipment and manpower)

Post construction advisory support

(plant operations and maintenance)

Timelines and associated estimations

Risk analysis

Project profit/loss analysis